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Specific question settings depend on the question type. Universally-available settings are described below.

Question label

A text field that can be used to prompt the user for input. This can be edited in the settings menu or on the component itself.


The name of the variable as it will appear in your answers payloads. By default this will be a copy of the text in the Question label field, however the Variable field can be edited separately.

answers: {
    variable_name: variable_value

The value of the variable depends on the user answer.

Readable description

This field can help your team understand the purpose of this question being asked. This is not visible to end-users. The description can be sent along in answer payloads as part of the form metadata if you enable the feature in your integration setup.

Example description included in a webhook payload:

"answers": {
  "variable_name": "variable_value"
"responder_uuid": "debe557f-16bc-4370-9e14-cc238c77879b",
"flow_label": "flow",
"variant_label": "main",
"variant_uuid": "bf5efd0a-2869-44af-91a2-c0128b9ecf6c",
"finalized": false,
"created_at": "2023-10-05T21:47:49+00:00",
"descriptions": {
  "variable_name": "A Boolean T/F question"

Data classification

Allows you to tag an answer variable as being some part of responder PII, or some other important data point. Please see this section for more information.

Question ID

Allows you to create an HTML ID for the specific question. This aids in targeting elements for custom CSS application.

Has info Text?

To provide additional clarification or context for a question without cluttering your design, add info text to a question by enabling Has info text? with a question selected.

The link can be text or an icon, and a tooltip and a modal display style are available.

Info text is not available on Select buttons, due to the nature of having to press the info text tooltip to see the text.

Multiple answers

In order to make a question have multiple answers, check the Allow multiple answers option in the settings.

The following question types can be configured to collect multiple answers.

  • date

  • email

  • number

  • phone

  • text

  • select

When enabled, instead of storing a single value for the answer, the chosen values will be placed in an array:

  "pets": ["cat", "dog", "bird"],

When the responder types in their first response, a +Add button will show up on the lower left side, indicating that the responder can add additional responses.

For changing the styling of the +Add button, you can go to the buttons styling section for more details.

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