Styling and themes

Customize the look and feel of your flows.

Within the Theme tab of a flow, you can specify the underlying style settings of a flow. There you can define a consistent design system that will be used throughout the flow.

Starter themes

Formsort comes loaded with some great starter themes, which you will find in the course of making your first flow, or while making a new flow. These can be used as a basis for developing the perfect base theme for your own flows.

Base themes

Any changes you make to style properties located in the Theme tab will be a variant-specific overlay to the base theme that the variant uses. This means that the changes made will be local to the variant, and the base theme will remain unaffected until a new version is published. This allows you to make style tweaks to different variants, while keeping your base theme untouched for other variants to use.

Switching themes

To switch the base theme of a flow, navigate to the Theme tab of a variant, and click Switch... in the upper-right hand corner of the page.

Once there, you can apply any base theme you've created to the variant, or switch to one of the starter themes Formsort provides.

Remove local styles?

As stated above, any changes made to style settings in the Theme tab are an overlay to the Base Theme, meaning the changes made in Theme will only affect the variant you are currently in.

When in the Switch theme menu, you can opt to remove this local styling by enabling Remove local styles, choosing the theme you want, and clicking Switch.

Remove local styles can also be used when you'd like to revert to the base theme you were using, before you started making modifications to styling. Simply click Switch... and choose the Theme you are currently using, and enable the "remove local styles" flag. This effectively resets local style changes.

Publishing themes

Publishing a new theme

Once you have created all the styling you need in the Theme tab, you can publish this as a new base theme. Click Save... in the top-right corner of the Theme tab, and choose Save as a new workspace theme. Give it the theme a name, then Save!

Updating a theme

To Publish an update to one of your base themes, click Save... in the top-right corner of the Theme tab and choose Publish an update to [variant-name].

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