Add content and collect answers

Add questions, informational text, pictures, and videos to your flow.

Flow Content Tab

  • The content tab is where you will add groups, steps, and questions to your flow.
  • When you click on the group, step, or question, you will see the editor on the side. This is where you can manage the logic and settings of the element you are editing.
  • There are lots of different question types you can choose from. Some question types require answers, while some are purely informational, like pictures or text. See descriptions of different question types here:
  • You can use basic markdown within the text itself to format the text style - like assigning header styles that you have created in your Typography menu, bolding or italicizing certain words, or adding links.
  • Hit the Live Preview to see the flow update with your edits in real time.
Markdown menu

Common question types:

  • Select question: responders choose from a selection of choices (you can style your choices by adding images or changing the presentation between buttons, dropdown, etc.)