๐Ÿ”šEnd the flow

Manage how your responders exit your flow.

Responders might end the flow at different points, depending on the experience you have built for them.

There are a few different ways to end the flow for a responder. Remember that you can choose the behavior for responders that partially complete a flow and then return to it in returning responder behavior.

If the responder exits the flow early:

If you have conditional logic, you may want to end their flow earlier. A common use case for this is when the responder has given you information that disqualifies them for your product or service.

Here's how to set up a disqualifying step:

  1. Create a step that tells the responder that they are not eligible.

  1. Create conditional logic on the step so that only the disqualified responders see it and make this step finalizing for them.

  1. (Optional) Add a CTA (like collect email, or a link back to your homepage) so your responder knows where to go next.

If the responder completes the entire flow:

  • Show them a thank you screen that indicates that the flow is completed. You can configure your confirmation text in Settings > Strings > Confirmation Text

The Settings tab also lets you set behavior for returning responders so you have more control of what happens when responders return back to a partially completed or completed flow.

Learn more about returning responder behavior here.

  • Show them a finalizing step

  • Redirect them to a different page at the end, such as your FAQ or a testimonials page. See more about redirects here.

To make the redirect experience less abrupt, you can also add in a gif or animation to the last step the responder sees. Check out some examples of loading images.

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