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Key terms

Learn some of the key terms for parts of the studio.


Where everything gets built. Your organization builds in a workspace in the Studio.


A "form". A flow should relate to an experience (e.g. “signup-flow”, “onboarding-flow”).
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Variants are versions of a flow. Every flow starts with a Main variant.
Variants all should have the same goal, but may have different content/logic as you test out the best experience for your responders (the end users of your flow).
See Duplicating Variants to see how to create different versions of a variant.
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An (optional) way to organize your steps. One group or many groups will make up a variant.
Since groups are primarily an organizational concept for more complicated form flows, there is no responder-visible difference between steps in different groups.
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Corresponds to a single "page" in a form flow and helps organize questions into discrete groupings. One step or many steps make up a group.
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The mechanism that helps build the set of information you're collecting from your user. Questions are added to to steps.
Draging-and-dropping questions allows you to rearrange them within a step or between steps, as well as within the same row (for example, you can ask for a first name and last name on the same row).
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A responder is an end user of your flow - the person going through your flows and providing answers to your questions.