Create your first flow

Take a look around your studio and create a new flow.

The Studio

Create a new flow

Click + New Flow to open a dialog box that will let you start from a template or start from a blank slate. From here you can add flow details or switch a starting theme for your flow.
You can either pick a template or start from scratch

1. Choose a Template (Content)

Templates allow you to start a flow with added content. There are various templates to choose from - Patient Health Questionnaires, Net Promoter Score surveys, Job Application forms, etc. If the Templates have questions that require answers to be calculated, the necessary calculated variables will be included.
The Templates come with a base theme, but styling allows you to edit anything or add your own theme.
You can view a live preview of the Templates see what content will be included.
If you opt to start with a Template, any question components included can be modified or deleted down the line.

2. Flow Details

Here you can set a display name, which will automatically update the URL Slug field. Only the display name can be modified later (not the URL slug), but we recommend that the Display Name and URL Slug be as identical as possible to avoid confusing naming conventions.
URL Slugs will appear in the URL for your flow, and is formatted as https://{YOUR-DOMAIN}}/flow/{URL-SLUG}.
The URL slug cannot be modified once your flow is created.
Optionally, you can create a description for the flow, for easier differentiation between flows.

3. Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme will download the style set related to that theme and include it in your flow. This can include styling on colors, layouts, question components, etc.
Like Templates, the styling properties given can be modified in the Theme tab once your are in your flow.