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Create your first flow

Take a look around your studio and create a new flow.
Click + New Flow to open a dialog box that will give you two options: start from a template or start from blank. The following sections will show you how to navigate either path.
You can either pick a template or start from scratch


Choosing a template

Templates allow you to start a flow with added content that serve a specific need. There are various templates to choose from - Patient Health Questionnaires, Net Promoter Score surveys, Job Application forms, etc. If the Templates have questions that require answers to be calculated, the necessary calculated variables will be included. For instance, a PHQ-9 template has the required calculated variable to give a score based on responder answers.
If you opt to start with a Template, any flow content included can be modified or deleted down the line.
Find the template you'd like to start with, and click on it to choose it.

Flow Details

Once you've chosen a template, you'll be brought to the Flow Details screen.
Here, you'll notice a few options as well as an embedded window of your form, from which you can test drive the template you've chosen.

Flow name and URL slug

Here you can set a Flow name, which is how your flow will be listed in your studio. Only you and your team will be able to see this.
If you enable Advanced options you'll see that a URL Slug field will already be pre-filled with the Flow name. The Flow name can be modified after you create the flow, but the URL slug cannot.
Be sure to double check your URL slug, as you do not want a URL path like the one pictured above to be what you have to send to your users.
URL Slugs will appear in the URL for your flow, and is formatted as https://{YOUR-DOMAIN}}/flow/{URL-SLUG}.
Optionally, you can create a description for the flow too, for easier differentiation between flows. This, like the flow name, will only be visible to your team in your Studio.

Template theme

The Template you choose will come with a base theme, but you can opt to change it by clicking Change the theme.
Once you have your Theme set and your flow details all worked out, click Use this template to create your flow!

Starting blank

If you start blank you'll be taken directly to the Pick a theme step.
Here you'll notice the various themes you can choose from, as well as some options for your flow. See Flow name and URL slug above for more details.
Once you've selected the theme you want, and you're happy with the flow details, click Create a new flow!