๐Ÿ’”Disqualify responders

Not all of your responders will meet the criteria for your service or product, but you still want to give them a great experience.

Before you start, ask yourself:

  • What is the qualification criteria for my service?

  • How often do I expect this criteria to change?

  • What information do I still want to collect from disqualified responders that may qualify in the future (i.e. as we add more eligible states or regions, or as they meet the age requirements?)

  • Where do I want disqualified responders to go next?

How to disqualify responders

  1. Determine your qualification criteria and what data you need to collect to qualify responders in or out (i.e. age, location, current diagnosis).

  2. Add the steps and questions in your flow to collect information from responders that would allow you to programmatically determine their eligibility.

If you're criteria is state-specific, use a choice library to add all 50 states to a select question

If your qualification is based on responder age, you can ask them to confirm that they are of a qualifying age. A more sophisticated and precise way to determine age is to calculate from a responder's exact date of birth. See a function you can use in a calculated variable here.

3. Add a step that you want the disqualified responders to arrive at. This can be a step that finalizes their flow, or could be a longer pathway to gather additional information.

If you want the disqualified responders to be sent through several steps, it might make more sense to create a group of steps, rather than a single step. This will make the conditional logic easier because you can affect several steps at once.

4. Add in conditional logic on the disqualification step or group so that it is only shown to disqualified responders. Remember that a responder will continue to go through the flow in a logical order, so this step should be in the logical order that the responder would be disqualified.

5. Configure the finalizing path for responders that end up at your disqualification step. You may want to redirect them to an FAQ, or you may want to allow them to sign up for an email list. See more about ending the flow.

More advanced methods

If your qualification criteria is very complex or changes often, you may want to use more a more sophisticated method to determine eligibility.

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