Content appears within a layout that contains persistent elements, such as a logo, next buttons, back buttons, and progress bars.

V2 layout

Migrating to the V2 layout will change the styling of the flow page, which allows finer customization of the flow arrangement.

This is a one-way migration, and cannot be reverted back once chosen - however the migration is recommended, and is required to access the settings below.

Grid template

The number of rows and columns for the Action Bar (at top, inline, and bottom) form a grid, and can be modified to suit your need.

The button tiles (Select, Exit, Previous, Next) as well as the Progress Bar and Logo tiles can all be dragged and dropped into the various Action Bars, allowing you to add to, remove from, and re-arrange the flow as necessary.

Button Styling

Clicking on a button will open a menu for customizing that button further. Here the button position can be moved using X and Y axis coordinates (if applicable), and the horizontal and vertical alignment can be set. The height and width values can be adjusted so that the button will take up more columns or rows.

Follow the link at the bottom of the button menu ("Next Style >>") to be taken to the button styling page, where more extensive styling options are available.

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