TrustedForm is a tool that, when loaded in Formsort, will produce a certificate proving that a responder actually filled out your form. It is helpful if you are redirecting your responders to affiliate sites and need to provide proof that a real person actually filled out the form flow.

Enabling TrustedForm

To enable TrustedForm, access TrustedForm from the Integrations section of a flow.

Make sure that enabled is checked.

To actually have the TrustedForm load, you must:

  1. Re-deploy the flow from Formsort

  2. Within TrustedForm, add the domain that your Formsort flow is hosted on

    1. If you are using Custom domains, you can add those domains

    2. If you are not using custom domains, you can add your domain - it will look something like

Accessing the TrustedForm certificate URL

It is helpful to be able to associate a particular responder's answers with a TrustedForm certificate URL.

To add the TrustedForm certificate URL to a variant's variables, go to Variables > System library > Trusted Form certificate URL.

Once the variable is added and the flow is re-deployed, the certificate that is generated for a responder will be found at the URL that is stored in that variable.

Learn more about library variables.

TrustedForm settings

  • Sandbox: if enabled, the TrustedForm snippet will always be loaded, and will always produce certificates. This is useful for staging environments or for testing.

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