From the Content tab, you can set overall form styles, as well as a Favicon and Document Title for your flow.
The top section of the Content page has many styling options for the Content section of the flow. The Content section is where the flow's steps will reside.
The Content section of a flow
In the Content menu, a document title can be set as well as a favicon for when the page is deployed. Padding values can be adjusted, a background color set, and Content column and text horizontal positioning can be aligned. A max width can be set to create the width of the Content section, and the vertical alignment of the section can be adjusted as well.
See our CSS Reference section for an overview of the CSS properties available for customization in the first section of the Content page.

Action Bar

The top, inline (middle), and bottom Action Bars
You can apply styling to the Action Bars, such as setting a background color and creating a bar shadow, which creates the same effect as box shadow.


The footer section provides styling options for background color, padding, and vertical positioning above or below the bottom action bar.
When this is toggled on, Osano will be loaded (if your security policy uses it) and a cookie management link will be included in the footer of the flow. If Osano isn't used Formsort will save local data.

Loading indicator image

This option allows you to set an image to while a flow page is loading.

Show all steps inline

Use this option if you'd like the flow to appear as a long, unbroken vertical list. The opacity of the inactive steps can be set, so the user knows which step they are on
This feature is still in Beta.
Last modified 5mo ago
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