Step-level settings.

Step Label

The text entered in this field will appear at the top of the step when the flow is rendered.

Step ID

Since steps can be easily re-arranged within the flow, it is useful to assign a step ID to a step. This maintains a stable reference to the step, in case their index within the flow or text labels change. This is particularly useful in the context of analytics, where understanding how the same step performs across versions is important.
Step IDs are not required - if they are not set, the step index will be sent along with any analytics event payloads. When set, they are required to be unique.
To include Step ID in the form submission payload, add current step id to your library variable schema.

Auto-advance after ms

If defined, Formsort will attempt to advance to the next step after the specified timeout. This allows making interstitial screens that show information to a responder without requiring them to provide any answers.
This will only succeed if:
  • the responder has provided valid answers to all of the questions on the current step
  • the questions are all optional
  • or the content on the step does not require answers, such as informational content

Is savepoint

If your answer submission frequency is set to On savepoint or When the flow is finalized or abandoned, checking Is savepoint will ensure that the responder's answers are submitted to your destinations when this step is completed.
Last modified 4mo ago