This page covers setting up the Formsort -> Rudderstack integration

Step 1: Create a source in Rudderstack

Choose add a source.

Select "Javascript" and name your source.

After clicking "Continue", skip "Install SDK" part and click on Connect in side menu.

Copy "Data Plane URL" and "Write key" from dashboard.

Step 2: Connect to source

Paste write key and data plane url into the "Rudderstack" section of the Formsort integration.

By default, Analytic Events are not enabled and must be toggled on.

Analytic Events are ways to track information about a flow, and the answers given by the user. By toggling on "enabled events", Formsort will send the information collected from users at specific times, based on your selection. For more context, please see our reference for Analytics Events here.

The shape of the event payload is configurable.

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