Google Tag Manager (GTM)
By providing a Container ID , any of the analytics events you enable will be sent to Google Tag Manager.
The Enabled events options control the events within Formsort that are sent to GTM as a dataLayer.push. Note that, as long as a Contained ID is provided, GTM will always be loaded.
The shape of the event payload will also be configured.
Single Google Tag Manager is, in fact, a tag manager, it can be used to load other integrations and analytics tools, such as Intercom, RocketHub, or Google Analytics.

Configuring tags and triggers

To configure custom triggers based on specific events, open Triggers for the GTM container integrated with your flow (from Google Tag Manager, not Formsort).
Choose Trigger Type: Custom Event. Choose an Event name corresponding to a Formsort event (ex. FlowLoaded, StepCompleted, etc.).
Under Tags, choose some type tag, like Custom HTML Tag.
Publish the container via Submit.
Now, when GTM receives the chosen custom event, the tag will fire.
Last modified 1mo ago