Date & Time

A date picker with the option of specifying time.

The Date and Time component is used when specifying time is important as well as the date. Setting meeting times or otherwise establishing timeframes for availability are common use cases.

The answer to a date question is stored as Formsort subtype datetime and are always formatted as ISO 8601.

Limiting answers to a specific timeframe

You can force the responder to pick dates in the future or in the past by enabling the Only allow times in the past? or Only allow times in the future? options. This way, you can ensure that responders do not accidentally schedule a meeting for a time in the past, or specify a past event as some time in the future.

Additionally, you can set a range of dates and times by enabling Min date and Max date, which can help ensure users set meetings during available hours.

Date picker styling options

The date and time menu is rendered from the native date time input of the responder's browser. Currently, there is no dropdown version.

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