Runtime error reporting

Getting notified when there are problems within your Formsort flows

Within the Formsort engineering team, we continuously monitor uptime (which you can see publicly at as well as has unhandled errors from our systems and frontends. These allow the team to know that things are running smoothly, and to react quickly when there are problems.

Some runtime errors that may be caused by flow logic itself, within your flows. A common example of this is a calculated variable that throws an exception on certain inputs.

Other errors may result from the context in which they are viewed. For example, an external variable that is marked as required (such as a user ID) can be omitted from the URL when loading a flow, which would be a problem if your internal logic depends on it being present.

For these, you may subscribe to error reports in sentry.

Setting up Sentry

Sentry is a popular exception reporting platform, that allows you to receive errors from your applications and monitor them over time.

To set up Sentry within Formsort, you first need to find the Sentry DSN (Data Source Name) within your Sentry project. See Sentry's documentation on Data Source Name if you can't find it easily. Sentry DSNs are URLs that look like

Once you have your DSN, go to your flow's integrations, and paste it into the Sentry section.

Remember to re-publish your flows once you update any integration settings.

Now, when there are exceptions within the flow runner, such as a misbehaving calculated variable, you will receive an error report within your Sentry project:

Errors you will receive are:

  1. Failures to evaluate calculated variables.

  2. Failures to access or process API variables.

  3. Missing required external answers at load time.

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