Collects numbers.

This question type is used for situations when you are looking for a numerical answer (e.g. rating on a service, amount of money in the bank, etc.)

The answer to the number question is stored as number data type.

For phone numbers, you can use phone content type.

Limiting answers to a certain range

You can force the responder to pick numbers within a desired range by typing in enabling Minimum value? or Maximium value? options and typing in your upper or lower bound. This way you can ensure that your responder is not typing in negative numbers when they should not be or giving you a 11 out of 10 for the services you have rendered.

Formatting answers

Formatting the input field for a number question can help the responder anticipate what format the answer should be in.

By clicking Is money? you can add a dollar sign in front of the input field to let the responder know that they are expected to put in a dollar amount. Alternatively, you can put in text in the Suffix field which will show up to the right of the input field.


Changing the input style to slider will enable the responder to submit answers by dragging a slider.

You can add labels to both ends of the slider to inform the responder about what the number answer would imply.

Allowing multiple answers

Enabling Allow multiple answers lets the respondent type more than one number as an answer to a question.

Default Answer

Default answer will allow you to preset the value of a number question. The values of these answers can be changed by the responder when they arrive at the step.

Another answer/ variable

This setting will give access to other question variables in your flow, allowing you to set the value of the number question using the value of a different question - as long as the data type matches.

Since the Number component is a number data type, you can use number returns from calculated variables, API variables, and other question components that return a number value.


Use when you want to set a "constant" value that doesn't depend on possible different answers to other questions.

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