Adobe Fonts

Use Adobe Fonts within your form flows
To use an Adobe Font within Formsort, follow these steps:
  • Sign in or create an account at Adobe Fonts
  • Find the font that you'd like to use using the search
  • At the top of the fonts list, click Add to web project
  • In the dialog that appears, choose an existing project or create a new one
Adobe Fonts' Web Project editor
  • Click Edit Web Project on the confirmation
  • Take note of the Project ID, the font-family, and the weights that you'd like to use
Relevant information within the Edit Web Project view
  • In Formsort, go to Style > Typography > Add font family... > Adobe Fonts and add these values. The font is then available for use - you can assign it to be the default font, or use it to style particular typographic elements (H1, H2, etc).