Updating from Universal Analytics to GA4

See the below guide to transition your Universal Analytics property to GA4.

Converting your UA to a new GA4 property

In your Google Analytics hub, open your Universal Analytics property

In the Admin panel of your UA property, click on GA4 Setup Assistant in Property.

If you don’t currently have a GA4 property, choose β€œI want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property”.

  • Select Create and Continue at the prompt.

If you already have a GA4 property you wish to connect to, you can opt to connect to that instead.

Set up the Google Tag (optional)

  • If you already have a Google Tag that you use for Formsort, you can choose it by selecting β€œUse a Google Tag…” and selecting from the menu - Google should should connect your GTM container to your Analytics account.

  • If you need to create one, select Install a Google tag then Next.

  • Select Install Manually, take note of your GA4 Measurement ID, then hit Done.

From here you can head to our GTM guide, which will walk you through creating Google Tags and connecting them to your Analytics properties.

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