Google Analytics

Formsort is beginning it's transition to GA4 from Universal Analytics, which will stop being supported by Google on July 1, 2023.
During this time:
  • Any GA4 properties must be loaded through our Google Tag Manager integration.
  • Users will still have the option to load Universal Analytics properties independently of GTM, using the instructions below.
  • If you plan to use GTM, load your Universal Analytics properties through that instead.
Answer payloads cannot be sent to Google Analytics - but you can send answer payloads to Google services using Google Tag Manager. Be sure to visit our page Analytics Events to see which events can be tracked in your GA integration.

Adding a Universal Analytics property

By providing a Universal Analytics Tracking ID in the flow integration menu, any of the analytics events you enable will be sent to Google Analytics.
We recommend you load Google Analytics (GA) through Google Tag Manager (GTM) if you plan to enable Google Tag Manager for your flow. See our guide for configuring GTM, which also covers enabling GA with GTM.

Find your GA Tracking ID

Your Tracking ID can be found in the Property Settings of your Universal Analytics property. The format will be UA-XXXXXXXX.
In the left-hand sidebar menu of your Analytics homescreen, open the Admin menu.
Open the Admin menu
In the second column, Properties, open Property Settings.
Under Basic Settings, you will see your Tracking ID.
Copy this to bring over to Formsort.
Tracking ID in Property Settings

Add your GA Tracking ID

Enter your Tracking ID in the input field
  • Be sure to select the events you want sent to Google Analytics (FlowLoaded, EmailCollected, etc), or you can select "Set all".
  • Be sure to Save!
Adding a UA Tracking ID
After changes are made to the integration, you must redeploy any live variants to start event tracking.

Adding a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Property

As stated at the beginning of this article, at this time GA4 must be loaded through our GTM Integration. In order to do this, you're going to need the Maintenence ID of the property.
For creating a GA4 property, you can see Google's documentation here.
Here's how you can find it:
In the left-hand sidebar menu of the Analytics homescreen, open the Admin menu.
The Admin menu
In the second column of the menu, Property, open Data Streams. At this menu, open Data Stream you've created for Formsort.
The Data Streams menu
Web stream details
From this menu, note your Measurement ID. The format will be an alphanumeric G-XXXXXXXXX.
Now that you have your Measurement ID, head to our Google Tag Manager article to complete the GTM -> GA4 setup.