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Loading different environments

When loading a flow, the production environment is loaded by default. You can load a different environment by appending the URL parameter formsortEnv to the URL of your flow.
When trying to load any environment, make sure you have deployed your flow to that environment!

Setting the environment using formsortEnv

The URL parameter formsortEnv is special and will specify which environment a flow loads. You can use this to load a staging environment, or any of the other environments you may have created.
For example, to load a flow that has been pushed to staging, the URL required will look like the below:

In the preview window

The preview window does not load any integrations or send data to any environment, but you can use the dropdown there to load the flow in a specific environment.

Defaulting a custom domain to an environment

Custom domains may specify default URL parameters, which can be used to set ?formsortEnv by default.
This is useful to create domains like staging.{your_site}.com that default to a particular environment.

Accessing the formsortEnv variable within a flow

If you would like to use the formsortEnv variable from within your flow (e.g. implement conditional logic based on environment) use the Formsort environment library variable.
The value of Formsort environment will correspond to the value of formsortEnv.