Variables from questions

By creating questions, answer variables are created by default, using the title of the question automatically. It's a good idea to rename the auto-generated answer values to something that's a better reference. For example, a question with a title "What is your name?" will auto-generate an answer variable name of what_is_your_name, which is overly verbose. Something like user_first_name is much clearer.

Viewing answers collected in questions

In the Schema > Variables from questions list you will see the answers that result directly from questions presented to the user. When an answer is selected, you will see a link to the relevant question in the content editor.

Providing the same answer with two different questions

Sometimes, you will want to collect the same answer by asking two different questions, like when you want to ask for a user's email in two different paths in a flow.

To do so:

  1. Create the first question

  2. Set its Answer variable name to your desired value

  3. Create the second question

  4. Set its Answer variable name to the same one as for the first question

  5. You will be prompted with a message: This variable name is already in use. Choose Re-attach to existing variable to re-use the existing question's variable.

Note that you will only be able to re-use answer variables with compatible answer types, such as using a string variable with text questions. If you are trying to add multiple select questions that all set the same answer variable, please ensure that they have the same set of choice values.

An easy way to provide the same answer with two different questions is to use copy + paste. While pasting you will be provided with an opportunity to determine how the questions map to the answers in your flow, and you can choose Map to an existing variable.

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