Jornaya is a tool that, when loaded in Formsort, will produce a verification URL proving that a responder actually filled out your form. It is helpful if you are redirecting your responders to affiliate sites and need to provide proof that a real person actually filled out the form flow.

Enabling Jornaya

To enable Jornaya, access Jornaya from the Integrations section of a flow, and enter your Campaign key.

Since integrations are not updated until a variant is re-deployed, to actually have Jornaya load, you must re-deploy all variants using the integration.

Finding your Jornaya Campaign Key

The casing of the campaign key string must match what is provided by the Jornaya campaign script.

Formsort handles loading Jornaya's campaign script onto your form, however you do need to provide the campaign key for us to fill. You can find your campaign key in the campaign script, in your Jornaya Member Portal.

You can see an example campaign script below. Copy the uuid string provided in the URL of the s.src field of the script, and paste it into the Formsort integration "campaign key" field.

Remember, casing must match!

Accessing the Jornaya lead ID

To add the Jornaya Lead ID to your answers payload schema, go to Variables > System library, and add the Jornaya lead ID from the list there.

Once the variable is added and variants are re-deployed, a Jornaya lead ID variable will be included in your answers payloads automatically. In this variable a URL will be stored, and at that URL you can find the Lead ID for the session.

Learn more about our System Library variables here.

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