Adding Stripe

To permit users to make payments to Stripe, add your Stripe account information to your Integrations by clicking Add a credential.... Provide a Publishable Key, and optional Secret Key, found from your Stripe account in the configuration.

The Publishable Key must conform to the following format, depending on Formsort environment:

  • Production Key: Your live publishable key. It must start with pk_live_.

  • Staging Key: Your test publishable key. It must start with pk_test_.

To enable Stripe payments within your flow, from the Formsort Studio, create a Payment question, and set provider to Stripe. The Studio will then display which environments have Stripe credentials:

Allow charging card immediately?

If set, the stripe token collected from the user will be charged for either a fixed amount you specify, or a variable amount.

  • The answer sent to your integrations will contain the charge ID as ch_XXXXXXXXX

  • You will see a matching charge ID in the Payments section of your Stripe account.

If you disable Allow charging the card immediately, a token will be sent as an answer to your integrations, and you must handle charging the user.

  • Token ID in your answer integration will appear as tok_XXXXXXXX.

Stripe in Live Preview

The Stripe integration will not be functional in the Live Preview window. Instead, an input area and a "start" button will be mocked up to get a sense of the styling of integration.

To experience a live test of the integration, deploy your form to the staging or production environments and test the functionality there.

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