JSON Schemas

Exporting form payload metadata for validation or analysis.

Every variant revision is available as a JSON schema (Draft 07), which describes the possible answer payloads that a flow may produce. Exporting this JSON allows you to write validators on your end, or understand the possible payloads that a flow may produce using the many tools that use the JSON Schema format.

Sample form schemas

Each of these examples shows how a form that only collected a single answer would be respresented in a JSON schema

  '$schema': 'http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#',
  'type': 'object',
  'properties': {
    'user_fname': {
      'type': 'string',
      'description': 'The first name of the user'

Note that none of the root object properties are marked required: if you are receiving events with answers on every step, you may receive partial payloads, so you cannot assume the presence of any answer.

Accessing the JSON schema for a flow

The JSON schema for a given flow, variant, and revision combination is available at the following URL:


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