Segment Setup

This page covers setting up the Formsort -> Segment integration

Step 1: Add a Source

Choose add a source.

Select "Javascript/Website" and click "Next".

Step 2: Connect to Source

Create a name in the "Website Name" field and enter the URL of your deployed form in the "Website URL" box.

The "Website Name" can be anything, however it is best practice to ensure it will easily identify the source connected.

Copy just the "write key" from the Segment code snippet...

...and paste it into the "Segment Write Key" section of the Formsort Segment integration tab.

The Segment Write Key can also be found in another location in Segment: Sources -> Settings -> API Keys -> Write Key.

Follow Segment's directions to test that Segment is detecting data from your Source, to ensure the URL has been input correctly. When finished, click "done".

Step 4: Configuring data transmission to Segment within Formsort

By default, Analytic Events are not enabled and must be toggled on.

Analytic Events are a way to track information about the flow, and the answers given by the user. By toggling on "enabled events", Formsort will send the information collected from users at specific times, based on your selection. For more context, please see our reference for Analytics Events here.

Send answers

Please refer to our section Sending form answers data to Segment.

Payload Shape

Please refer to our section Shape of Payloads.

Append step ID to StepLoaded and StepCompleted event names

When enabled, current Step ID will be included in the step title, e.g. StepCompleted_email.

If no Step ID is defined, it will default to Step Index.

This is not recommended, as the Step ID is by default included in the payload body.


Please refer to our section How Formsort uses identify().

Custom Domain Proxy

This is likely uncommon, but if you use a custom domain proxy, set the URL here.

Hide IP

If toggled on, the responder's IP will be set to on every request.

Hide Page Fields

If set, path, referrer, url, and search will be excluded from the event page context.

Preview Event Type

This window allows you to view what a payload will look like at different events. In the example above, a StepCompleted event is being previewed.

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