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Add a scheduling option

If your signup flow includes a scheduling element, there are a few different ways you can direct your responders to select a time.

Method 1: Add a redirect

Redirect out of the flow to a calendar app (like Calendly or Acuity) using a Redirect.​
How to do it:
  • When the responder hits a certain step, they can be automatically redirected, or they can click a Next/Submit button to be redirected to a new URL
  • You can have conditional redirects — so some responders can go to different URLs depending on specific criteria
  • You can add query params to the redirect URL so you can pass data to the scheduling tool
  • Note that a redirect finalizes the flow, so you’ll have to keep that in mind if you are analyzing flow analytics and/or want them to be redirected back into the flow to finish additional steps. In the case where you want to have the responder continue the flow, you will need to create a different second flow to redirect them into.
Some scheduling applications have their own redirects after an appointment or meeting is scheduled!
This makes it possible to redirect the responder back into a new Formsort flow after they've booked something. You can use external variables to bring in any information about the appointment the responder booked.
Formsort does not currently support redirecting users back in to the same flow that the user was redirected out of. This is because redirecting a user out of a flow will finalize the flow at the step the user is redirected, and users cannot return to finalized flows.
For this reason, we suggest using redirects when it makes sense to finalize one flow, and then redirect the user back into a new flow if they need to continue.

Method 2: Use a custom question

You can also choose to embed a scheduling app directly into your flow as a custom question. A custom question is hosted by you in an iFrame.
The benefits to this is that you can keep the responder journey contained to the flow, so it can feel like a more cohesive experience.
How to do it:
  • Add a custom question to render a calendar app in an iFrame
  • You can create multiple conditional custom questions, or every responder can see the same one.
  • Use the editor on the right sidebar to customize the question further.
  • Use the custom question API to collect answers
Note that you'll need to use the custom question API in order to allow a responder to proceed through the flow and collect their answers. Otherwise, Formsort has no way of knowing that the question has been completed.
If this doesn't work for your use case, mark the question as optional.
Looking to embed Calendly via a custom question? Check out this example.

​Method 3: Return answers via API choices on a select question

If you have an API of “available times”, you can dynamically generate those choices in a select question.
  1. 1.
    Add a Select question
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Choices > Load choices dynamically
  3. 3.
    Choose External API that displays the choices (see more about providing choices via API)