A video shown to the responder

Using video content, you can add a video in your flow. This is commonly used for graphics or any other visual content to help explain concepts.

Click the "+Add Image" box under the URL toggle to open to modal. Here, you will have two options for displaying video:

  1. Upload a video file to the studio (.mp4 and .mov)

  2. Provide a URL to a publicly available resource (i.e. a server) that is hosting the video content

Video-sharing websites, such as Youtube and Vimeo, are not available as a URL option. These sites do not allow sharing the video file, rather they provide a link to the page of their site. You may want to consider creating a custom question, and embedding the web page there.

The maximum size for the video content is 10MB.

Configuring your videos

You can ensure that your video starts playing as soon as the video content is loaded, by enabling Auto-play? option in the settings menu that appears when the question selected.

Additionally, you can set the image that you would like the responder to see until your content is loaded with the Loading image url option.

You also have the option to run your video in repeat by enabling Loop? and letting the responder decide when to play and pause the video by enabling Show controls to user?

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