General behavior settings

General Behavior Settings

Start each session as a new responder

When this flag is enabled, every time a responder returns to a flow they are treated as a new responder.

  • No previous answers are loaded, and Formsort will not keep a record of progress

  • A new responder UUID is generated at each visit

  • User is not pinned to a variant they may have previously seen

  • Any Formsort-related cookies will be cleared from the user's browser on re-load (See External variables for more information)

You can still force-set a particular responder UUID by passing the UUID in as a URL parameter. See Setting the responder UUID manually for more information.

When start each session as a new responder is disabled, returning responders will retain their responder UUID upon subsequent visits. This is default Formsort behavior. A user is considered a "returning responder" when they revisit a flow using the same browser they initially started their flow from.

See Reponder UUIDs for a closer look at how we create IDs for your users.

Enable URL navigation

This setting:

  • Allows the ability to use the browser's forward and back buttons to navigate through the unlocked steps of a flow (not currently supported in embedded flows)

  • Allows navigation to unlocked steps using the Step Index in the URL, or Step ID if use step ID instead of step index is enabled

Enable restart once flow completed

When Enable restart once flow completed is enabled, users will be given the option to restart a flow if they return to it after completing. Users will keep the responder_uuid generated during their initial visit, but Formsort will discard saved answers to allow them to start the flow over.

Answers are only cleared at the user end. Any answer payloads sent to your data stores will persist in your data store.

This is useful for forms that need to be filled out multiple times by the same users, but also forces users to fully complete a form before starting a new one.

Enable close once flow completed

If your flow is embedded into another page, this will create a link to close the embed once the flow is completed.

Enable autosave

If autosave is enabled, it will cause the form to retain a responder’s answers should they leave and come back to the flow. In-progress answers are saved after 3 seconds have passed from a responder’s input. Answers will also be submitted to enabled integrations if "When the flow is finalized or abandoned" is enabled in submission frequencies.

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