๐Ÿ“„Allow responders to read and accept your company policies

Many flows require the responder to consent to your terms and conditions or privacy policy to proceed. Here are a few easy ways to seamlessly incorporate policy consent into your flow

If you only need a policy to be displayed once, you can display it as a question in the beginning of your flow and allow responders to continue once they have accepted them.

  1. Add a Confirm question type

  2. Style the question as a single choice checkmark in your theme menu

  3. Display the document in a modal or link out to your website using the Style menu on the question:

Modals can be great because they keep the content contained within the flow, but it does create some dependencies. If your Terms of Service change on your website, you'll need to go into all of your flows and update them accordingly.

Method 2: Display as a custom question

You can display a page from your website as a read-only custom question. This allows you to render a webpage in an iframe, so you don't have to update the text in Formsort when it changes on your website.

You can keep a static text header or footer in your flow to display your terms of service throughout every step.

In the Content section of your Theme tab, you'll see the ability to add a static Text component. Click on your top or bottom action bar to add in any additional rows you need to display the component.

When you click on the Text component, a menu of configuration options will display below. You can also use markdown to display the link.

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