Questions and content

Questions collect answers from responders, or show content.
Depending on their type, questions collect answers from a responder, storing them in answer variables, can be conditionally enabled.
Questions can easily be reordered by dragging and dropping, which are shown to users.
Specific settings depend on the question type. Generally-applicable settings are described below.


Answer variable name

When a question is selected, its most common answer variable properties are directly editable.

Info text and tooltips

To provide additional clarification or context for a question without cluttering your design, add info text to a question by enabling Has info text? with a question selected.
The link can be text or an icon, and a tooltip and a modal display style are available.

Multiple answers

In order to make a question have multiple answers, check the Allow multiple answers option in the settings.
The following question types can be configured to collect multiple answers.
  • date
  • email
  • number
  • phone
  • text
When enabled, instead of storing a single value for the answer, the chosen values will be placed in an array:
"pets": ["cat", "dog", "bird"],
When the respondent types in their first response, a +Add button will show up on the lower left side, indicating that the responder can add additional responses.
For changing the styling of the +Add button, you can go to the buttons styling section for more details.



Optional form questions do not require an answer from the responder.
If a step consists only of optional questions, you can choose to enable a skip button.


Questions are styled using container styles.