Pick a city/town, without specifying an address

Similar to an address question, the region question allows collecting location data, but does not require a street address.

Sometimes you might not want to collect an address, but just a region where a responder is interested in or living. A good example would be if you're collecting information about where a responder might be looking to rent or buy a property, without knowing where exactly. That's what the region question is for!

Autocomplete using Google Places API

Providing a Google Places API key will allow autocompleting the remainder of the address parts from the value that the responder types into the first field.

Guessing the postal code

Most larger towns and cities in the United States have more than one corresponding ZIP code. Consequently, autocompleting a string like "brooklyn" is ambiguous when it comes to ZIP code.

If you need ZIP code, you can enable the Guess postal code? option. Guessing the ZIP code results in a geolocation call being made to the Google Maps Javascript API, to find the ZIP code as close to the center of the region as possible, if one exists.

Your API key must permit the Maps Javascript API and GeoCode API in addition to the Places API if using Guess postal code.

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