Copy-pasting form content

Cut, copy, and paste work whenever your have a group, step, question, or variable selected: within flows, or even between flows.

Mapping input variable names

Slices of flows containing only read-only content like informational or image content can be pasted with no further action.

However, if you are pasting content that depends on specific answers within the copied flow slice, such as variables used in a templated label, or a question that is conditional on another answer, you will be asked to map your flow's answers into the slice.

Create a new question

This will create a new question that asks the responder for the required answer, placed at the beginning of the pasted slice.

Create new answer

If you want to fix the answer mapping later, you can opt to create a placeholder answer.

Note that this will create an orphaned answer and therefore a non-publishable flow state, since no question will collect the answer when it is created. However, you will be able to create a new question that provides the required answer.

Map to existing answer

If you already have an answer collected within the flow that is of a compatible type to what the pasted slice requires, you can use that answer to complete the mapping.

Set a constant

This creates an external variable with a default value, which means that you will not need to ask the responder for an answer within the flow.

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