Grid choice

Ask multiple questions with the same set of choices

A grid question, sometimes referred to as a matrix question, is used to select multiple values, each with the same set of choices.

Grid questions are most commonly used when multiple answers are collected on the same scale.

If you are asking for a single choice, use a select question instead.

Specifying choices

Similar to the select question, you can specify choices for a grid question under SETTINGS. There you may also specify the type of the value, whether number, string, or boolean.

The choices will be shown as options for each of the sub-questions that you define, displayed as individual columns.

Allow multiple selection

When allow multiple selection is checked a user will be allowed to provide multiple answers for every row.


To define the rows of the grid, specify the questions to ask in SUB-QUESTIONS. These can be conditional on previous answer values.

Each of the sub-questions will have its own answer variable name, and will otherwise behave the same as if the question were asked separately.


The grid question uses the radio or check selection from checkmarks in the style editor.

In order to further customize the grid question, you can use the Table tab in the style editor.

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