Text questions

Collects text answers

This question type is used for collecting short or long text answers, and is the classic "input" type component. Some common use cases are asking for the responder's first and last name or their feedback on a service.

The answer to the text question is stored as string data type.

Enabling long-text answers

By default, there will only be one input line shown as an answer to a text question. If you would like to increase the number of lines shown, you can enable Multiline? in the settings menu with the question selected and specify the minimum and maximum lines you would like the input box to have.

You can change the dimensions of the input box in the Style tab of the Text question settings - simply toggle "override default text input style", and style away! You can use this to create the longer feedback box style pictured above.

You can also limit the length of an answer by enabling Max length restriction? and choosing the number of characters or words you would like to restrict the answer to. Additionally, if you turn on the Show remaining count? option, you can show the responder how many characters or words they have remaining as they type.

Formatting answers

Adding words, symbols or numbers before and after the input field may help the responder anticipate the type of input expected from them. Similar to a number question, you can put in text in the Suffix? or Prefix? fields in the settings menu for a text question.

Allowing multiple answers

Enabling Allow multiple answers lets the respondent type more than text field as an answer to a question.

Default Answer

Default answer will allow you to preset the value of a text question. The values of these answers can be changed by the responder when they arrive at the step.

Another answer/ variable

This setting will give access to other question variables in your flow, allowing you to set the value of the Text question using the value of a different question - as long as the data type matches.

Since the Text component is a string data type, you can use string returns from calculated variables, API variables, and other question components that return a string value.


Use when you want to set a "constant" value that doesn't depend on possible different answers to other questions.

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