Displays content that does not require an answer from the responder.

Using informational content type, you can add any image, video or text. This is commonly used for explanation of concepts or as breaks in between various sections of your flow.

Styling text, images and video

You can change the alignment of the specific text by enabling Text alignment override and override the default text alignment setting.

For images and videos, you can enable Has image or video and use the menu to position and size the content appropriately.

You can also use informational content to embed links. The default setting opens the links in a new tab for the responder. By enabling open links inline, you can ensure that the links are opened in the same tab.

Expanding content

By enabling Is collapsible?, you can have content that expands and shows more details when the responder clicks on the header. You can change the default behavior to collapsed or non collapsed version.

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