Image upload

An image uploaded from the user, optionally via the camera

This question type is used in cases where you would like the user to take a picture of a document, ID card or themselves.

If you would like the responder to be able to upload files as opposed to take images, you can use the file content type. If you would like the responder to sign a document, you can use the signature content type.

If you don't want the responder to be held up by an image upload question, make sure to have the question be optional.

Allowing images taken by a camera

By enabling Allow camera option in the settings menu with the question selected, you can give the responder the option to upload their image by taking a photo on their supported devices. The default camera on mobile devices is the front camera and you can mirror the image taken (depending on whether you expect your subjects to be people or documents) by enabling the Mirror image? option.

Setting up a bucket

In order to have the responder upload an image, you need to set up a S3 bucket or GCS bucket to specify where the file will be stored. For detailed instructions on setting up a file integration in Formsort, you can go to this page for s3 and this page for GCS.

Naming the images uploaded

You can change the names of the images that your responders are uploading by enabling Filename pattern. You can type in the relevant variable you would like to be included in the name of the file into the field next to the button. For example, if you type in {{first_name}} into the field, a responder with first_name Sally will have their file name show up as Sally. Note that the extensions will be added automatically. You can also set a fallback naming convention in case the variable is not defined by typing it into the Filename pattern fallback field.

Specifying file types allowed

You can whitelist MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) types by adding them to the Allowed MIME types field. If none are set, all MIME types will be allowed.

You should whitelist MIME types when generating signed upload URLs.

Allowing multiple answers

Enabling allow multiple uploads lets the respondent upload more than one image as an answer to a question.

Restricting image upload size

You can enable a size restriction for a responder's upload. The minimum value must be greater than 0. If the restriction is not met, the responder will be shown an error and be prevented from moving forward in the flow.

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