Step styling.
The step container can be styled within the Style tab, you can read more about that here.

Image or video background

This allows uploading an image or video to be used as the background of a step.
See background positioning for more on how to position an image.

Animation style override

Defines a step transition that is applied to this step, overriding the transition that is defined on the flow-wide style.
This is useful for enforcing logic through physical animation - for example, animating in a step containing a positive outcome from the right, while animating a step containing a negative outcome from the left.

Next button override

For consistency across your flow, buttons are styled within the buttons section of the style editor, but specific aspects of the next button are sometimes modified at the level of a step.
If you'd like to place the next button within the content of a step, see the Next button content block, which renders the next button inline with the rest of your content instead of in the usual position.


Sets the text of the next button on this step alone, if you would like your first step to say something like GET STARTED instead of your default next button.

Horizontal alignment

Overrides the horizontal placement of the next button for this step alone.