Formsort documentation
Why, hello there.

What is Formsort?

Formsort is a product for visionary product teams to make product forms. It's for people who don't want to spend weeks waiting for small changes to go live, who want to make dramatic changes that actually change business outcomes, and who want to own their own outcomes.

Where it sits

Formsort is a fully-managed, hosted form flow platform.
Your team uses our studio (a specialized content management system for forms) to create form content, modify styles, and configure integrations.
We host the forms, fully-branded, either on one of your subdomains or embedded in a page on your site.
When responders submit answers we send you their data.
Formsort forms are production-ready and intended to integrate into your stack allowing you to manage the full lifecycle of a form from prototyping to high traffic registration flows.

Who it is for

  • Startups looking to get their form flows into market rapidly on infrastructure that will scale with them.
  • Growing businesses seeking to optimize their form flows to improve their acquisition costs or conversion rates.
  • Large companies who want to build form flows for new business lines without dedicated teams.
  • Complex internal workflows that require efficient collection of structured data.
  • Companies in regulated industries who wish to safely collect user data and don't want it scattered across providers.
  • Ambitious product managers or designers who want to move beyond prototypes of form flows and would like to deploy new ideas to real users.
Once set up, a single, non-technical product or business owner can ship complex form flows without involvement from engineering or design.

Who it is not for

  • Teams that don't see themselves moving past a spreadsheet as a data store.
  • Teams looking to build surveys or forms for one-off data collection.
  • Organizations that do not have any access to developers.
  • Business owners looking to waste a lot of money and time reinventing the concept of a formbuilder :)

The company

We're a distributed team located across the United States and Turkey. Our leadership became experts on form flows building them for mortgages at Formsort is a well-funded company, we’re fortunate to be backed by great investors. As a team, we're energized to be building a future where creating forms is more scalable and productive.

Providing feedback

It's much easier for us to build what you need if you tell us what you're trying to achieve. Drop us a line at [email protected] with any bugs, feature suggestions, or use cases you'd like to explore with us.
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