Built-in analytics

See performance of flow variants, as well as dropoff between steps.

Besides sending event data to your existing analytics tools, Formsort offers some built-in analytics tools to help identify performance bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Built-in analytics only measure traffic in production environments.

Variant performance

Accessing Analytics from the flow index page will show the conversion rate of the different variants within a flow.

Note that the notion of conversion is rather simple at this time: it is the measure of the ratio of the FlowFinalized to the FlowLoadedevent, per responder UUID for a given variant, regardless of the path taken through the flow.

The default view shows this percentage.

Switching to the raw tab will show the raw numbers of users that have loaded variants within this flow:

The analytics are an aggregate: Completion rate is calculated on a per-responder basis. If the same responder loads the same flow twice, that is counted as a single flow load.

Step performance

By accessing Analytics from within a flow, the performance of the steps in that flow will be shown in a table, including the step completion rate (aka the dropoff per-step).

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