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Animations and transitions

Transitions between steps and questions can be customized using animations.
There are several animation styles to choose from at the Step level, such as:
  • Card flip
  • Fade
  • Horizontal and vertical slide
  • Zoom
  • Confetti (our personal favorite)

Step-level animations

You can enable animations at the Step level in one of two ways: at the "Theme" level, or on a specific Step.

Enable animations at the “Theme” level

This is useful if you want the same animation across all steps
1. Go to the Step menu in the Theme section, and scroll down until you see Step Animation Style.
2. Select your preferred animation from the dropdown. This section allows you to choose from a variety of preset animations as well as their timing and easing functions.

Enable animations for a specific Step

This is useful if you want to customize animations for a specific Step in the flow, like adding confetti.
1. Click on the Step you’d like to enable animations on.
2. Go the the side bar on the right and click on “Style”.
If you want to enable a specific animation like card flip, fade, etc.: click on the toggle next to “Step animation style override” and choose the animation of interest.
4. If you want to enable confetti: click on the toggle next to “Show confetti in background”. This is a fun way to celebrate the end of your flow. 🎉

Question-level animations

You can enable a similar set of attributes at the Question level by toggling on Animate Questions on Appear in the Question menu of the Theme section. Note: confetti is not available at the Question level, only the Step level.
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