Conditions and logic
Answer variables can be used to modify a flow's behavior once they are collected, using conditions. This is useful for making flows dynamic and more personalized to a specific user's needs: rather than creating multiple flows for different scenarios, the same flow can be customized based on the answers the responder has provided.
Conditions can be used to control many aspects of a flow:
      Calculated answers
      API answers

Simple logic

If your condition depends on a single answer, is can be defined using dropdowns once you check Is conditional?
The simple logic editor
To learn more about the operators available, see:

Advanced logic

If the logic you are trying to express involves a combination of multiple different answers, you can use advanced logic to define arbitrary boolean expressions over the answers.
To learn more about advanced logic, see:
For even more complicated conditional logic, define a boolean calculated answer, which allows you to use arbitrary javascript to define an output answer which can then be used with a simple logic check.
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