๐ŸŒŸTemplate your variables

Refer back to answers already given in your flow.

Sometimes you want to refer back to answers already collected in your flow and display those answers to a responder. A common use case of this is calling the responder by their first name, or reminding them of a choice they had selected in a previous question. This is called templating variables.

How to do it in the Studio

  • In this flow, I asked a Text question to ask the petโ€™s name, and I named the variable pets_name

  • In my next two steps, I insert the answer variable pets_name from that question in double brackets.

You can always see a list of the variables you have available to you in the side bar under variables:

How it looks to a responder

Other resources

If you need to reformat the variables you collected, please refer to Templating formatting functions.

Use templated variables in redirect URLs and image URLs.

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