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Add informational content

Add text, photos, and videos to your flow.
Not all of the content you add to your flow needs to be questions you are asking the responder! You also may want to add text or pictures to your flow that are purely for informational purposes. Sometimes this is to educate the responder about what you offer, or to provide more information about why they are disqualified from your service.
See the types of informational content you can choose from when you click "Add Question" and scroll below "Content".

Common types of informational content:

Add text and pictures to your steps

You can add add text and pictures before, between, or after the questions you are asking.

Welcome page

Educational steps

Share facts or statistics that are relevant to your product or service to encourage the responder to continue the flow.

Transition steps

Tell a responder in the middle of the flow what's about to happen next.