Flow starts

Flow starts

A flow start is counted when a responder loads and completes at least one step in a flow or every time a responder starts a flow over with a new set of answers. If a responder returns to a flow they’ve already started, this does not count as a flow start.

Note: Flow start counts may take up to 15 minutes to update in the studio.

Flow start limits

Your workspace is limited to a set number of flow starts for each calendar month. Using flows in non-production environments does not count towards your flow start volume either.

For billing purposes, this limit is aggregated across all flows and their variants at the workspace level. When the limit is reached, you may start to incur overage charges. To change this limit, drop us a note in Intercom and we'll connect you with our sales team.

The current number of flow starts used by your workspace can be found on the Subscription tab.

Viewing flow starts

Flowstarts are not counted for flows deployed to staging or other environments.

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