External answers

Allow values to be passed into flows, even if not collected in questions

In a typical form flow, you only collect answers from questions that appear within the flow itself.

However, there are many cases where you might want to pass data into a form would never be provided by the responder directly:

  • Tracking information, such as unique identifiers, account IDs, etc.

  • Configuration variables, which enable or disable certain functionality.

If you're familiar with HTML form semantics, this is the equivalent of a <input type="hidden"> field which is part of a form, but not provided by the user.

To enable this, you can create external answers within the Schema tab of your flow.


Default value

If a default value is set, if a value is not present when a flow is loaded, the default value will be used.

A common use for this is to define control variables, similar to constants, that govern what parts of a flow are enabled, or function as a setting parameter.