Flows and variants


A flow collects information to fulfill a specific goal within your organization: for example, a new user sign-up flow, a collecting-feedback flow, a matching-to-an-agent flow.

Integrations are configured at the level of a flow - since the different variants within a flow will all function to collect the same data, it makes sense to send the data to the same places for all of the variants.

Archiving flows

To archive a flow, select the flow in the list and click Archive, which will remove it from the list of visible flows, and prevent any new responders from being able to access the flow. Existing responders who have already accessed a flow in the past will continue to be able to access it.

To un-archive a flow, change the filtering options to the right of the flow table's search.

Table filtering options

Deleting flows

To delete a flow, choose Delete instead of Archive. Deleting will immediately prevent the flow from being accessible, even for responders who had already started on it.


Variants exist within a flow, and are generally used to make small variations to the same content.

Duplicating variants

Using Save as, you can create new variants. These can be wildly different from one another in terms of style and content, but should still have the same goal and collect the same information as the other variants in the same flow.

To make a copy of a variant, you can either:

  1. With a variant open, click Save as at the top right.

  2. Select a variant from the list of variants, and select Save as from the dropdown.

Archiving variants

Variants may be archived by selecting a variant and choosing Archive, with a similar effect to what happens to archived flows described above. Existing responders will continue to be able to access flows they've already started on, but new responders, or those participating in A/B tests, will not be allowed onto this variant.

Deleting variants

To immediately prevent anyone, including existing responders, from accessing a variant, you may Delete it.