Collects email addresses.
This question type is commonly used for collecting and validating email addresses from responders.

Data structure

The answer to the email question is stored as Formsort subtype email .
"my_email": "[email protected]"

Suggesting spelling corrections

Beyond validating for email structure itself, when Warn about common domain typos is enabled, Formsort suggests potential corrections to non-standard domains.
For example, an answer ending like would be met with a prompt asking if the responder meant, and the responder would be prompted to correct it before continuing.
A warning about an email type
Warnings about common domain typos work best when responders are consumers using common email providers. If your responders are using business emails you may want to disable this feature.

Allowing multiple answers

Enabling Allow multiple answers lets the respondent type more than one email address as an answer to your question.
Last modified 5mo ago